One might would call me an "amateur" film critic, which basically means that I buy my own movie tickets.  I have also been called a technology nerd, comic book nerd and under-talented video gamer, and, of course, I loves me some baseball as well.  My wife puts it in much simpler terms when she refers to me as her "fourteen-year old hus-band." I choose to take that as a term of endearment, but I have been known to delude myself on occasion.

While I may be a humble wage-slave by day like most of you out there, I try to make time to fight the good fight against movie- and video-ignorance so prevalent these days, in the hopes we can all enjoy a better, brighter, more fulfilling movie experience...  something like that, anyway.

I also happen to be involved in a couple of podcasts, namely "Unclear Thinking" and "Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming," links to which you can find over on the "Links" page.  Take a look and see if you might find my contri-butions there moderately entertaining.